Sunday, September 4, 2011

My baby is getting too big!

Grrrrr. I always put pictures on here in the wrong order. I was going to end with this photo but I guess it will now be first. This is Connor on a slide in toontown right before his face stopped him from sliding and his whole body almost went over his head, a little scary but really hilarious.

Danny and I got season passes to Disneyland and we have been trying to make sure we get our moneys worth. Danny even said we should get a Disney "Go" bag so we can just pick up and go whenever we want.....I love that guy. Here are a couple of pictures though that show how big Connor has gotten in only one year! I can't believe he will be two in two months! He is such a blessing to our family and I don't know what we would do without him.

And I also can't believe my baby brother is on a mission! Sad that he couldn't be in this years picture, but happy that he is serving the Lord and is the best missionary ever!
We will try to post more pictures of our Disneyland adventures, but this will have to do for now.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We miss and love our Dad

My boys are the cutest ever! And we definitely miss our daddy, only one more week until we get to see that beautiful shiny bald head!


Well, I just realized that it's actually pretty easy to post videos on here so I thought it would be fun to share some of the fun videos we have of Connor

Cars 2

Since Connor is seriously obsessed with cars we were so excited that his first real movie in the theater would be Cars 2. He did really well for the first part and then I gave him too many jelly bellies and he went into full cute but crazy mode. He kept pointing at the screen and yelling jibberish at us, he literally was running circles around the theater, and then he just gave up and wanted to run around outside. It was fun, but we were not smart for having him sit through the previews, he would have lasted longer if we just sat him down right when the movie started. Oh well, we have learned and hopefully when we see the new Winnie the Pooh, things might go better.

4th of July

This year was a super fun Fourth of July. We started off by going to our ward breakfast, then went to the downtown Ypsilanti parade-Connor loved all of the cars, and finished off by going down to Ohio for fireworks with cousins. We stopped on the way down to Ohio to buy ourselves some fireworks since where we were going they didn't have a show (lame), and became completely overwhelmed with how many types of fireworks there actually are. We just bought a hodge podge and it turned out great. Especially the ones that you lit and had no idea where they would go and Danny almost burned down my Uncles brothers house down. Good times.
These are our besties Aaron and Melissa. I was instructed to put the quotation "I love you this big" underneath for Aaron.

Again, our besties the Witts. We already miss them so much. Connor's first word was actually "jonah", that's how much we all love these guys.
There was a lot of cool military cars at the parade, and there were flybys by some really cool airplanes.
Connor and Lilly both did NOT like the fireworks at all. We tried to hide out in the back of the 4 Runner but that didn't even work. My Uncle had bought actual real huge fireworks so I can see why the littles would be so scared.
This is how Connor ended up enjoying the fireworks.
Again, Connor is most definitely not happy.
Danny entertaining all the kiddos
GG and GGPa. We loved having them with us for the Holiday.
And us. Even though it was busy and non-stop it was an awesome fourth of July.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I want everyone to know that yes, I know these blogs are completely out of order and totally random, but hey, at least I'm doing it right? We got to go to Disneyland the other day and it was such a blast. Connor was hesitant at first and it took him a while to realize we really were at the happiest place on earth, but he figured it out eventually and had a ton of fun. It was especially fun because my Aunt Jenny came with my cousin Jackson who is only a year older than Connor. They seemed to get along and it's fun having someone that wants to do the same things as Connor. P.S. Jackson is also one of the cutest kids ever!

On the tram with Nanny Janny
First stop, Monsters Inc., he got a little scared so we were unsure of how the rest of the day would go.
Walking with aunties
This is a face I saw a lot throughout the day, not sure what to make of it.
Riding the Caterpillar train. Still unsure of how he feels about this place
He perked up once he saw this sign, apparently Connor can read and saw that it said "Cars" so he got super excited
Even more exciting was getting to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater in real life! Connor is currently obsessed with cars so this was so fun to see!
Riding the Ferris Wheel, we got in trouble because Connor wouldn't sit down. He just wanted to stand and look at everything below.
Toy Story Mania, Connor loved this ride and surprisingly kept the 3D glasses on the entire time without even touching them.
Meeting cousin Jackson and not sure how he feels about it.
Talking to the goats
Jackson being adorable as ever and giving Connor a hug
Riding the train, I literally had to yank Connor off crying because he didn't want to get off.
Aunt Jenny and Nanny Janny taking pictures of themselves. I just thought I looked funny in the background
Riding the carousel, even though it doesn't look like he is having fun, he is. I also had to yank him crying off this ride as well.
Jackson and Connor getting ready to drive real cars!
Connor taking the wheel and loving it
Trying to jump into the water on It's a Small World. He still loves this ride and kept pointing to things and saying "WOW!"
Sweet Aunt Jenny bought Connor and Jackson these bubble blowing guns which were a big hit and it was so fun watching them play with them together. I can't wait for these two to get to hang out more.
Representing the U.S.A Disneyland stlye
Connor wasn't to pleasant when we wanted him to try on hats
Most of the gang at the end of the night. A fun trip, even though we wish Danny could have been with us. But no worries, we will be going back with him in a couple of weeks! Yipee!!!

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend we went to DC to visit Danny's sister Ann and her family before Danny deploys. It was such a fun trip!! We just hung out every day and it couldn't have been more fun. I wish we would have taken more pictures but alas we did not.
On Monday we went to a rose garden party. It was so beautiful and the hosts were so gracious to have us over. They had so much to do for the kids and tons of food, it was great! It was also great when Connor threw a can of rootbeer into the fish pond. I'm not going to lie, this child has definitely made me feel so embarrassed to be his mother recently.
They had these fun pumps that blew up balloons that would shoot into the sky! Danny was so awesome and just kept blowing them up for kids even though it was so so freaking hot in the sun!
We gave the girls a makeover on one of the nights, it was really fun! I hope we have a girl next!
Connor loved to climb up onto Emmetts desk and play on the computer...again another one of those embarrassing moments, but you just have to laugh.
On our last day we got to go see Leia perform with her preschool and sing songs. It was so awesome and she did great!
This is Connor watching Leia. And after this we did go to Georgetown because I really wanted to try DC cupcakes. It was a fun experience but in my personal opinion the cupcakes were not so good, I don't know, it might be because I don't like buttercream frosting. But we still had fun walking around and going through some shops. I even found a couple of skirts that I loved and Danny bought for me, score!